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About our classes

Everybody has a different reason for starting yoga, and with yoga being such a varied practice, it can be daunting knowing where to start in finding the style that is going to be right for you. This page describes all of what's on offer at our studio to help guide you along your way.


I have started by listing the non heated class which move towards the more traditional and therapeutic styles of yoga, these classes are suitable for all levels irrelevant of experience. Towards the bottom of the page you will find all our heated listings, for beginners, intermediate and beyond. 



Yin yoga works on the fascia layers of the body, which in Yin, applies to everything beneath the muscles. It's a fantastic physical body conditioner as it helps repair any structural damage in the tendons, ligaments and joints, boosting collagen and rejuvenating us from the inside out.... but the practice goes much much deeper than the physical experience.


Yin yoga downregulates the nervous system, so if you are struggling mentally with signs of stress, anxiety or depression, Yin yoga is THE perfect tonic. It aids in healing the subconscious mind on a deep cellular level.


My Yin yoga classes are taught using Buddhist meditation technics and accompanied with sound. Through use of the crystal bowls and gongs harmonious balance is brought back to the body. 


We are energetic beings, living a hormonal experience and these hormones pretty much control all the emotions in our bodies. 

Kundalini yoga is the only yoga that targets not just the nervous system but the endocrine system too. It aids in balance the hormones and accessing the reward centre of the brain (hypothalamus) which is why Kundalini is now used for helping with addiction recovery. Whatever your vices, food, drink, excessive spending, Kundalini can help you to retrain the brain and free us from our 'bad' habits. 

The goal of kundalini yoga is to move energy in the body. The chakras are energy centers in the body that move from the root at the base of the spine to the crown at the top of the head. Kundalini energy is stored at the base of the spine. The goal of kundalini yoga is to shift the energy so it rises to the crown. 

Kundalini yoga is often practiced with a sequence of postures and breathwork called kriyas. Kundalini yoga is often fluid and the breath is manipulated to move energy. It can be both fast paced and fluid. Each of my Kundalini classes incorporate the using of sound healing in the final relaxation of savasana.



Hot 60 is our signature series, made up of 40 postures  to target all areas of the body and the mind in just 60 minutes. Perfect for beginners to hot yoga, this practice incorporates pranayama (breathing techniques),  with standing, balancing and seated postures, all held for 5 breaths, working on strengthening the body, whilst releasing physical tension in the muscles and joints. This sequence has no weight bearing on the wrists or shoulders making it the ideal practice for students who may suffer  in these areas.


A Vinyasa Flow style hot yoga class aimed at targeting your body and mind. This hot yoga class is dynamic practice taught to music linking movement to breath. Moving through mindful and fluid flows, each practice will have a different theme aimed at exploring 'asana' whilst building awareness and strength with playful arm balances and inversions. Pranayama will be woven throughout the class, enhancing your experience and increasing your awareness. The continuous movement between postures will allow you to feel totally energised, while the focus on breath acts as a meditation, inducing an internal sense of calm.


60 minute set sequence rooted in Ashtanga Vinyasa style hot yoga practice. 'The Rocket' was developed in the 1980's by Larry Schultz who wanted to form a new intuitive style of sequence. It breaks down the rigidity of the classical Ashtanga practice to make it more accessible for all practitioners. Dynamic and flowing it consists of sun salutations, standing and seated postures and twists and backbends. 


The Intention of the Mandala Vinyasa practice is to honor the creative energy in all its manifestations. The practice integrates the spiral patterns that nature uses to shape and create the material and energetical substances into our bodies. It opens us into deeper introspection as we move and expand around the mat, while exploring circular movements with our bodies. It leads us into places that perhaps our awareness would not have access to by following a linear pattern. The power of this practice resides in the fact that it follows a specific purpose and methodology. This can be a peak asana, a specific chakra or a particular element. The clear intention of the practice allow us to revisit groups of muscles or target areas of the body that will help us reach our goal. This repetition is a constant massage that starts with the Sun Salutes or Warm Up and is reinforced in different perspectives in the Standing and Seated Series, creating familiarity and comfort in its objective.

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