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Thinking of going on a Yoga retreat?

Yoga retreats are becoming increasingly popular – you may have friends or family who have caught the bug in order to immerse themselves in a yogic experience from morning until night. But even though you may have found yourself scrolling through beautiful albums – longing to be in the sun, by the sea, or even just escaping from the office and school run – a yoga retreat is so much more than a sunny getaway.

We’re delighted to be able to offer you some stunning yoga retreats – beginning this September and continuing into Summer 2018 – but if you’re not sure if a yoga retreat is for you – we wanted to bring you some information on what you can expect. Why should you invest your time (and money) on a yoga retreat, when it’s so great to practice in the studio, and fits in conveniently to your routine? Let’s check out some of the main benefits that people experience when they dedicate themselves to a retreat…

Connecting with nature – our yoga retreats have been specifically selected for their unique and picturesque beauty. By getting out of the hustle and bustle of towns and cities – you are able to breathe fresh air, soothe the soul and take in stunning sunsets, and really set the scene for your yoga practice.

Disconnect from technology – a retreat doesn’t have to be a digital detox – but it is a fantastic chance to switch off from every day life, and to stop being a slave to the Facebook feed. Everything has its place – but by allowing yourself a break from social media, from a constantly buzzing phone, or even from tracking your steps every day – you allow your mind space to be more meditative, mindful and relaxed. Be in the moment, and embrace your surroundings!

Time to reflect – often we get so bogged down in our stresses and worries – even the things that make us happy can take enormous amounts of brain power to organise or to dwell on. A yoga retreat is a really healing and nourishing daily routine, built around strengthening and relaxing both your body and mind, and by investing this time in yourself, it gives you a chance to reconnect with what really matters to you, and take stock of life.

Get to know your teachers & fellow students – having a deeper and more connected relationship with your yoga teacher, as well as with your fellow students is a wonderful way to build a strong community. You may not know other people in your daily life who practice yoga, or who really ‘get’ it – these are your people, your tribe! They understand your journey, and even if you come from very different walks of life – you all have in common that you value and love your yoga practice – it’s a really great way to make better connections and to spend time with other yogis.

Find a new dedication - Like any routine – yoga can become just another appointment in your week – by choosing a retreat, by waking up to yoga, spending the day with yoga, and ending the day with yoga, it can completely revolutionise your relationship to your practice. You will discover new postures, new ways to practice, and find a new excitement about the journey that you are on! Not to mention that a dedicated practice for an intense period like a yoga retreat builds incredible strength, endurance – and makes a huge difference to your yoga skills!

Revitalise - A yoga retreat can be healing for your mental and physical health. Going on retreat can change your life, and help you to deal with any emotional and mental issues you may be having. It can also be healing for your body if you’ve experienced injury.

Discover a new perspective – Attending a yoga retreat can give you a new perspective, whether it’s about your own life or through learning about a new culture. You never know what you can learn from others that can affect your future choices, or make you see your own circumstances in a different light.

Learn about yoga philosophy Yoga is more than just poses, and going on retreat can teach you more about the philosophy behind yoga. You’ll be given a chance to connect more deeply with yourself through yoga practice and understand more about this ancient art. As well as the physical yoga practice of asana, our retreats include meditation and yoga nidra – which may be elements of yoga that you haven’t had time to explore in your regular practice.

Try new things – it’s good for the soul to have new experiences, and to do something out of the ordinary. Have you ever taken a holiday to a favourite place, and there’s so much routine – your favourite restaurant, favourite beach – that when you go home, it all just blurs together? There’s definitely a place for habit, and for the comfort of knowing where you are – but trying new things is such an amazing way to become re-engaged with life, and to have an experience that you’ll never forget!

Push the reset button – Sometimes we take a break away – and you need another holiday when you get home! A yoga retreat is the perfect balance of yoga practice and relaxing down time, so that you really nourish and soothe your mind, body and soul.

Travel! “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” Need we say more? Amazing views, new cultures, a different way of life – whatever your reason for travel, it’s a fantastic way to broaden your mind, and to make a lasting memory.

All our retreats are now run in partnership with Ananda Yoga Retreats Ibiza Ltd. Check out their website for a full list of whats available for you in 2018.


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