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My romance with yoga began in 2016 whilst training to be a Professional Dancer in London. I first gravitated to the practice for the physical benefits but in 2020, after letting the chaos of modern life take hold of my physical and mental well-being, delved deeper into the philosophy and it has since changed my life and lifestyle. 

I completed my 200 hour Teacher Training with Yoga Haven under the guidance of Allie Hill this year and am so excited and humbled to be able to finally teach and share this practice that I am so passionate about- so others can hopefully be inspired too. 

My love for movement and creativity intertwined with the use of pranayama (breath) and ancient Yoga Philosophy is at the heart of all my classes- creating a well balanced, flowing experience.

Whatever reason brings you to yoga, my practices are a space of non judgment, love and compassion.


I look forward to seeing you there. 

Rebecca Jane

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