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 The Hot Yoga Studio


About the studio..

"Established in 2015, the Hot Yoga Studio offers small intimate classes of both heated and non heated classes, ranging from beginners to intermediate and advanced.


This is the first of three studios that I have opened throughout the North West over the last 5 years. High quality authentic tuition is something I pride myself on throughout all three establishments and you are guaranteed this with whichever teacher or class you attend from our strong, dedicated and inspirational team. We have built an outstanding reputation over the years for providing the finest quality tuition, helping to enhance the lives of our clients both physically, mentally and spiritually.


When first discovering yoga, perhaps to get into shape or to de-stress, we tend to guide our attention to the physical practice and the shapes of the body within the poses. As we develop confidence within the postural integration, our body-based experience becomes more joyous and healthy and the postures more fun to inhabit. Following this becomes the inner revolution that yoga can offer, where the deeper aspects of the practice are revealed. The joining of body, heart and mind provides health benefits beyond simply being more flexible or stronger. Yoga re-establishes the balanced integrity of our yin and yang nature.


Finding the right style of yoga for your body and your therapeutic needs is paramount to obtaining your desired effects from the practice.  Scroll down to find out more! 

Madeline Diaz Meiner

Owner and Teacher 

Madeline Diaz Meiners

500hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training  - Mandala Yoga Ashram & BWY

200hr Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training - Yogi Bhayan KRI Institute 

100hr Sound Healing Practitioner Course

50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training

50hr TCM Yin Yoga - Traditional Chinese Medicine Module

- Josh Summers 

50hrs Rocket Yoga Teacher Training

- The Yoga People

30hr Mandala Vinyasa Teacher Training

- The Yoga People

80hr Pre & Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training

50hr Mother and Baby Yoga Teacher Training

- Janine Hurley

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The Latest News....


It has always been a lifelong dream of mine to offer yoga retreats in my spiritual home of Ibiza. I am a strong believer that the purpose of our lives is to turn our dreams into reality. In 2018 I opened up Ananda Yoga Retreats, and I have never looked back. 

Ananda Yoga Retreats Ibiza is artfully designed to provide soothing for mind, body and spirit. Our charming villa nestles into the hills of Benirras Beach giving you the opportunity to bathe in the rich beauty and soothing tranquility of Northern Ibiza.

At  Ananda Yoga Retreats Ibiza we provide an opportunity to escape from the daily stresses of modern life, allowing you to relax, ‘reset’ and develop your yoga practice with like-minded people in a tranquil and healing environment, just a five minute walk from Benirras beach.

At Ananda Yoga Retreats Ibiza the quality and expertise of our internationally acclaimed yoga teachers is at the forefront of what we do. We offer a wide range of teaching styles and each of our teachers provides a unique flair to the art of yoga retreats.

‘Ananda’ means happiness, joy, sensual pleasure and bliss, which are all feelings we are sure you will experience during our unique and dedicated yoga retreats at Ananda Yoga Retreats Ibiza.

If your curious about attending a yoga retreat, but prefer to try one closer to home, from 2022 we are proud to offer UK retreats in my favourite UK destination in the Lakes, set by the tranquil waters of Lake Coniston in Cumbria.

Beginners Hot Yoga Course

with Rebecca Jane

Fancy Hot Yoga but want to start at the absolute beginning, learning the basics and gaining the confidence before unleashing yourself onto our full schedule?

Join us for our next 4 week course, the perfect place to start your hot yoga journey. 

THURSDAYS  7.30 - 8.45pm

4 Week Block Bookings 

Starts 23rd September


A revolutionary approach to practice,

lead by Madeline Diaz Meiners

For most of us, when we first discover yoga we begin by connecting with that which is most tangible, the body (yang), which is the common doorway into the practice. As we become less distracted within our practice and the body becomes healthier physically, curiosity of that which hidden tends to follow. This is the yin aspect of our practice, that which is more subtle. As we pay attention in a relaxed and attuned way we enter into the 'yin-side' of yoga. 

During lockdown my personal practice has definitely seen a conscious switch from its usual yang form to one more yin in nature. When life feels not quite as you would like it to be, learning the art of deep listening, tuning in to the internal, non-conceptual, softer aspects of our yin nature can start to heal us in the right direct. The ample periods of stillness within the practice allow us to pay attention to what is really happening, as it's happening, in the present moment. 


After completion of recent 100hr teacher training with Josh Summers in applying the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) methods into Yin Yoga, I am looking forward to introducing a series of transformational new classes onto the new schedule. Introducing you to the new 'yin-side' of yoga, with TCM Inspired Yin and TCM Yinyasa (full descriptions available on the website) will both be offered on a weekly basis as extend 1hr 15 minute classes from 17th May 2022. 

TUESDAYS YIN-YASA - 7.30 - 8.45pm

THURSDAYS YIN-YASA  - 9.30 - 10.45am



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